legal advice question consultationPeople ask me if I offer free consultations, and it depends on your situation. A consultation with me begins with determining if your legal situation falls within the legal services I offer. The first step is to email or call me and give me a brief, general description of your situation. That information is not confidential because we have not created an attorney-client relationship yet, so please do not include any personal details. All I need is a general idea of the situation to assess if it’s the kind of legal work I handle. There is no charge for this first step.

After I get your initial call or email, we may proceed several different ways. Here are three examples of what can happen after you first contact me:

  1.  You call me and leave a message stating that you have a divorce matter you want to discuss with me. This is an example of someone wanting legal services I do not offer. In this kind of case, I call you back and tell you that I do not handle divorce matters and give you the name of an attorney who does.
  2.  You email me and ask if I can explain the difference between an independent contractor and an employee at your business, and if I can draft a contract that would fit your situation. I email you back with a general answer that explains the difference between the two positions. In that same email, I quote you a flat fee price for the contract work required for each position.
  3.  You email me and say that you’ve decided you need to get your will drafted. I send you a simple form to fill out with specific information about your situation so I can see what your best options might be. Then we set up a 30-minute consultation during which I explain those options to you and help you decide which best suits your needs and preferences. During the 30-minute consultation, I also discuss other estate planning options that may pertain to you personally (such as powers of attorney or health care proxies). This stage of the work, which requires that I evaluate your personal needs and draft specific solutions from which you can choose, costs $100. Once you decide how you want to proceed and ask me to draft your will or other estate planning documents, I apply the $100 you’ve paid so far to your final bill. In essence, then, it turns out you receive that first 30-minute consultation for free.

estate planning environmental business lawIf your legal matter requires more than 30 minutes of consultation and cannot be handled by one of my flat fee services, I explain your options, such as extending the consultation time for an additional cost or retaining my services to handle the legal issue. Prior to a paid consultation, I also ask you to sign a consultation agreement and pay the $100 fee online. I may be available for in-person consultations but you must contact me for pricing and availability.  I can only discuss matters concerning Massachusetts law.

Contact me today to learn how I can help with your business legal needs.