Nonprofit Law and Compliance

business nonprofit incorporation compliance Putting a charitable idea you have into action, and receiving grants and tax-deductible donations to support your work, requires you to form a federally-recognized nonprofit corporation. In order to keep your nonprofit running smoothly, you want to make sure that you remain in compliance with state and federal regulations. My experience in the nonprofit world for more than 20 years allows me to provide you with legal services that answer the questions you have and that keep you in compliance with the law. I offer the following services for nonprofits:

Business Formation, advice about and formation of your federally-recognized non-profit corporation.

Nonprofit Compliance, providing you with advice to make sure you stay in compliance with state and federal laws concerning your nonprofit.

Contracts, including liability forms, releases and permissions, buy/sell agreements, and contracts for leases, sales, services, and employment.

Legal Advice, such as navigating the tricky issue of when a worker is considered an employee versus being an independent contractor.

Business Documents, such as nonprofit bylaws.

Document Review, in which existing legal documents are reviewed to make sure they work for your business needs.

Subscription Services, providing continuing legal services to nonprofits for a monthly fee.

Contact me today to see how I can help you with your nonprofit’s needs.

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