Practice Philosophy

Windhorse Legal, PLLC operates out of a model of preventive and holistic law. I created Windhorse Legal to give clients an alternative when seeking legal services, one that allows them to feel comfortable talking to an attorney who understands their values and principles as well as their legal issues. I practice preventive law in hopes of avoiding litigation because I believe the law should be a tool that helps foster healthy, beneficial relationships instead of a weapon that often winds up destroying people financially, psychologically, and emotionally. My philosophy is to work with clients to develop clear, non-confrontational, well-drafted, and enforceable contracts, agreements, and other legal documents that help minimize conflict and reduce misunderstandings, unreasonable expectations, and other problems that can escalate into litigation. My holistic approach means that I really listen to clients in order to craft solutions that meet financial needs but also meet spiritual, emotional, and psychological concerns as well. While I specifically work with people in the equestrian, yoga, mindfulness, environmental, alternative-health, and mind-body wellness communities, my approach works for any client who wants to use the law as a tool to provide peace of mind and to preserve relationships.

equine lawMy holistic view is so fundamental to my approach to the law that it informed my choice of the name “Windhorse Legal” for my law practice. “Windhorse” is a term rooted in the pre-Buddhist, Indigenous Bön spirituality of Tibet. The Tibetan term is “lungta,” the exact meaning of which is complicated but may be understood as “the basic vitality and creative potency of life, of individuals, and of the total environment, indeed the universe.”* I chose this word for my law practice because working for an Indigenous-based non-profit organization (Tapestry Institute) has taught me a great deal about relationship and the interconnectedness of life from Native American colleagues. I have also experienced the benefits of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga, and of learning how to handle emotions rather than react to them. I wanted to bring all of this knowledge to a law practice that can really serve clients in a holistic way. The Windhorse Legal logo image that evokes the spirit of “windhorse” with a more Native spin on it was designed especially for Windhorse Legal by registered Choctaw artist Dawn Hill.

* C. Warren. “Riding on the Wind: The Culture of Windhorse.” Posted March 27, 2014, Chronicles of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche website. (Previously available at