woman mountainsWelcome to Windhorse Legal, PLLC!  Attorney Jo Belasco founded this online and mobile law practice to provide preventive legal solutions to individuals, organizations, and corporations.  Everyone knows it makes more sense to prevent a health problem than to treat one after it’s sidelined you. Yet most people think about getting an attorney only once conflict with someone has started keeping them up at night. By then, a personal or business relationship you trusted has been damaged, maybe destroyed. And as you worry about the time, money, and anguish all of it’s costing you, even your health can suffer.

Doesn’t it make more sense to protect your relationships the way you protect your health? And to prevent misunderstanding and conflict the way you work to prevent illness? Preventive law provides exactly these kinds of legal services. Because most people haven’t thought about the law that way, they don’t realize what’s available or how preventive law can help make their lives more peaceful and secure.

Windhorse Legal’s preventive legal services range from basic legal advice concerning how a specific agreement can help a certain situation to estate planning that reflects your values, and from simple written agreements that spell out both parties’ expectations at a retreat or horse boarding facility to contracts that establish a new business. Jo offers these services in ways that make getting preventive legal services more convenient and affordable, too, by working with clients through phone, email, and Skype consultations, and by making site visits when a particular business location or facility is a vitally important part of the process.

two men shaking handsYou may be especially interested in working with Jo if you need legal solutions such as liability forms and contracts tailored for the equine, mindfulness, and wellness communities. You will find Jo’s services particularly refreshing if you put a high priority on cooperation and relationship because preventive law, while still providing legally-valid agreements, is based in a cooperative paradigm of compassion and reciprocal relationship instead of adversity and conflict.

Jo provides preventive legal services throughout Massachusetts in the areas of business law, particularly for mindfulness-related businesses and alternative health practitioners, wills and trusts, equine law, and earth law.  She even helps people who don’t reside in Massachusetts but have dealings that require preventative legal services concerning Massachusetts state laws.  She is also available for presentations concerning her areas of practice.  She is an experienced speaker who knows how to make engaging, informational, and enjoyable presentations.

Contact Jo today about providing a free 15-minute consultation or making a presentation to your group.