A Virtual Attorney for Virtual Times

Estate Planning, Elder Law, Equine Law, Environmental and Earth Law

Joanne L. Belasco, Esq.I’m Jo Belasco, Esq. I have had a virtual law firm for several years to make legal services more convenient for clients. In these days of COVID19, my virtual legal services provide you with peace of mind and safety. There is no need to come to an office. We do everything via phone, email or Zoom/Skype. I offer flat-rate fees for most of my services, which saves you money and lets you budget for necessary legal work. I handle Massachusetts state law issues as well as some federal legal matters. Contact me and let me know how I can help you! Stay safe, stay healthy!


Estate Planning

Protect you, your family, your home, and your business.

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Elder Law

Protect yourself, your home, and your older relatives.

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Equine Law

Protect you, your horse, and your horse business.

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Environmental and Earth Law

Protect the earth, animals, air, water, and land.

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Trademark Law

Protect your brand and your business reputation.

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Business Law

Protect your business and business relationships.

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