flat fee attorney pricesI understand that most people are on a budget these days, and that you pay attention to every penny you spend.  In order to keep legal services affordable, I offer many of my services on a flat fee basis.  That means you pay a set price for legal services, such as a will plan, and you don’t have to worry about being billed for every phone call or email contact with me.  If a project requires work that does not fit into my flat fee schedule, then I discuss an hourly rate before the project begins and keep you updated on costs throughout the legal process so that you do not incur unexpected legal costs. I do not post my fees on the website because each case is unique, and I prefer to discuss costs after first exploring the legal situation with you so I understand your individual legal needs.

I often have people ask me if I can help them even though they are on a tight budget, such as a single mom going to school who wants an estate plan to protect her kids. I like to help people whenever I can, so while I can’t make any guarantees, please feel free to contact me to discuss your situation and see if a payment plan or sliding fee scale might work for both of us.

Learn about speaking with me concerning your legal matter, including the possible costs to handle your situation, and then contact me today to see how I can help you.