As an equine attorney with experience as a horse professional, I understand the many contracts that are involved in running a safe and successful horse business. Let’s be honest. Most horse people don’t like to pay an attorney to draft a contract. They would rather download one free from the Internet or simply do business without one, hoping that nothing goes wrong. But let’s be honest about something else. As horse people, we know that a situation can go wrong in an instant. Spending some money upfront can save you thousands of dollars later. When you have me draft your contracts, I advise you concerning legal issues that are specific to your situation and make sure your documents are correctly completed so that they are enforceable. The following is a sample of the types of equine contracts I draft:

• Boarding Contracts
• Liability Forms
• Sales Contracts
• Training Contracts
• Lesson Contracts
• Employment Contracts
• Breeding Contracts
• Lease Agreements
• Property Rental Agreements for Shows and Clinics
• Horse Syndication Contracts
• Hauling Release and Waivers

Contact me today, and let’s talk about how I can draft the contracts you need without breaking your budget.