Equine Law

I have been a horsewoman my entire life. For the past 20 years, I have been a horse professional, including a riding instructor, horse trainer, clinician for fearful riders, Mustang advocate and gentler, and nonprofit horse-human relationship researcher and educator. The result is that I am familiar with the many issues, legal and otherwise, horse people face because I have witnessed and experienced them both as a horsewoman and as a horse professional.

My exceptional breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in the horse world allows me to help you with equine legal matters involving your personal horses or your horse business. I help with the following areas of equine law:

  • Equine Federal Trademarks
  • Equine Nonprofit Federal Tax-Exempt Status
  • Equine Nonprofit Federal Compliance
  • Equine Nonprofit Formation (Massachusetts)
  • Equine Business Formation (Massachusetts)

Contact me to find out how I specifically help you in these areas of equine law and to be contacted when I publish an equine legal resource. Please note that I do not handle any litigation matters.