Equine Law

I have been a horsewoman my entire life. For the past 20 years, I have been a horse professional, including a riding instructor, horse trainer, clinician for fearful riders, and nonprofit horse-human relationship researcher. The result is that I am familiar with the many issues, legal and otherwise, horse people face because I have witnessed and experienced them from both sides of the fence. I can help you with equine legal matters, either involving your personal horses or your horse business.

My skills as an attorney, integrated with my experience as a professional horsewoman, allow me to work with you to create the peaceful, enjoyable, professional, and profitable horse environment you want by drafting agreements that prevent conflict. For instance, I can draft boarding agreements that help minimize “barn drama,” prepare and file forms that incorporate a boarding facility or rescue organization, and create documents that help communicate your expectations to riding and training clients. I can also help draft your estate plan so that your horse is taken care of if anything happens to you. I help with the following areas of equine law:

  • Equine Estate Planning
  • Equine Contracts
  • Equine Business and Nonprofit Formation
  • Equine Trademarks

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Contact me to find out how I specifically help you in these areas of equine law. I do not handle any litigation cases.