Fees – EEE law

flat fee attorney pricesI provide you with legal services that are affordable and convenient. My consultations start at 20-minutes for $100. If you retain me to handle your legal matter, I will apply that amount to your final fee. All of the following fees are starting prices, which means I may need to charge you more based on your specific situation. Fees may change without notice. I charge all flat rate fees, which means you know how much you will pay for legal services before I begin any work.

Estate Planning:

Will Plan (Single): $850 – Includes will, health care proxy, HIPAA release, advance directive, power of attorney

Will Plan (Couple): $1500 – Includes wills health care proxies, HIPAA releases, advance directives, powers of attorney

Trust Plans: Start at $2500 for an individual, $4000 for a couple, $5000 for irrevocable trusts

Elder Law:

Irrevocable Medicaid Income-Only Trust: $5000 plus filing fees

Medicaid Application: $5000, does not include Fair Hearing

Equine Law

See above for Estate Planning.

Contract Drafting: $500 per document

Contract Review: $250 per document

Contact me for prices on equine legal services not listed here.