I enjoy sharing my legal knowledge whenever possible. I think the law is a tool that we should use to make our lives better. When it comes to horses, I love to make the law accessible to horse people and horse businesses.  Here is a list of current written, audio, and video media you can read, listen to, or watch concerning equine law. Feel free to contact me if you have a media opportunity that might benefit from my knowledge and experience.


Horses and the Law: Join me as I discuss legal issues that impact horses, horse people, and horse businesses. I have been a horsewoman for more than 45 years, an attorney for almost 30 years, and a horse professional for more than 20 years. I couple my horse experience with my legal skills to explain legal matters in a way that is fun, engaging, and informative. Available on the Horses and the Law website, as well as Apple, Google, iHeartRadio, Amazon, Pandora, and Buzzsprout.

Rein In Your Herd, Episode 36, Legal Considerations for Horse Businesses with Jo Belasco: I had a great time talking with Laura and April over at Rein In Your Herd Podcast. We discussed trademarks, liability, and business formation – all for equine businesses. Take a listen, and be sure to check out their other podcasts! Thanks Laura and April for having me on the show!

E-books, Authored:

Horse People, Don’t Panic: COVID19 Legal Issues for the Horse Community: In this free e-book, I discuss legal issues concerning liability, horse care if you get sick, equine estate planning, and contracts during these difficult times. This is an educational service of Windhorse Legal, PLLC, and does not constitute legal advice. Please feel free to share it with others in the horse community.

Articles, Authored:

EQUUS Magazine – 2020 Spring Edition, “How Contracts Can Protect You” (Subscription required)

EQUUS Magazine – 2020 Winter Edition, “Put an End to Barn Drama” (Subscription required)

Articles, Interviewed/Quoted:

The Chronicle of the Horse – May 18 & 25, 2020, Print/Digital Edition -“A Pandemic is the Perfect Time to Make an Estate Plan.” (Excerpt; Read entire article in the print/digital edition, subscription required.)

The Horse Redeemer Equine Blog, May 3, 2021: Women in the Equine Industry


Love and Law with Jo Belasco, July 25, 2021, host Virginia Warren of Lawyers for Love

My Horse University, MHU Lunch Chat, April 6, 2020, “COVID-19 Legal Issues for the Horse Community

Trademark Discussion with Mandee Flanders, owner of The Leadline: A Community for Horse Business Owners Facebook Group, April 1, 2021. (Membership required).

E-Book Shares (with permission):

EQUUS Magazine Online, April 2020, COVID19 Legal Issues for the Horse Community

Catskill Horse, Spring 2020, Advice For Horse Professionals During Covid19 Crisis ~ Fabulous Advice From A Noteworthy Source