I provide free resources that help you in your legal journey. Some resources help you keep calm because I know needing legal help can produce anxiety. Others help you understand legal issues as they apply to you personally and your business. As these resources are given freely, please share them with anyone you think may benefit from them. They are protected by copyright so contact me if you want to quote any part of them.  These resources are educational and not legal advice. Feel free to contact me to discuss your specific situation.


I know that needing an attorney can cause people fear and anxiety. Mindfulness is a powerful tool that can help calm these emotions. On my Mindfulness blog, you will find videos and photographs (taken by me unless otherwise noted) of nature and horses you can use to feel more centered. To practice mindfulness, look at the picture or video and keep your mind in the present. Don’t think about things you need to do in the future or things you did in the past. Keep coming back to the present. When you have thoughts go through your mind, just let them pass through. Don’t focus on them. As you look at the pictures, focus on your breathing. Take slow breaths and feel your stomach rise and fall. This is called belly breathing, and it actually calms your body, which in turn calms your emotions. Do this until you feel more centered.


Horse People, Don’t Panic: COVID19 Legal Issues for the Horse Community: In this free e-book, I discuss legal issues concerning liability, horse care if you get sick, equine estate planning, and contracts during these difficult times. This is an educational service of Windhorse Legal, PLLC, and does not constitute legal advice. Please feel free to share it with others in the horse community.

Single Moms, Don’t Panic: Protect Your Children with a Will or Trust: In this free e-book, I explain how wills, trusts, and incapacity documents can protect your children if you are a single mom. And, yes, single dads can learn from it, too!

Other Resources:

Emergency Contact Card:Keep this card in your wallet so that emergency personnel will know who to contact if you are in an accident.