Yellowstone and Estate Planning

Spoiler Alert: All Law&Story webpages contain significant discussion of plot points for whatever program or movie they analyze. Estate Planning in Yellowstone: In Season 1, we are introduced to the Dutton family. Jamie, one of John Dutton’s sons, is an attorney who handles legal matters that concern the ranch. During this season, he decides to run for Montana Attorney General. His campaign becomes problematic for John and the ranch after John is sued by various entities for trespassing on tribal land and moving the course of a river earlier in the season. Jamie is not present when John needs his

Border Collie Inherits $5 Million Trust

A recent news article at CNN reports on a Nashville Border Collie who is the subject of a $5 million trust. That’s a lot of balls, frisbees, sheep, and treats for the lucky BC. It turns out that when Bill Dorris, a successful businessman, died last year, he left a provision in his will to create a trust that ensures his Border Collie, Lulu, is taken care of for the rest of her life. He chose a friend, Martha Burton, who often took care of Lulu when Mr. Dorris went on trips, to take care of Lulu and to receive Read More

Yes, You Really Do Need an Estate Plan

A common misconception is that only the very rich require an estate plan. That’s simply not true. An estate plan is simply the use of a will or trust and incapacity documents to take care of your assets when you die, and your health and business needs if you are ever incapacitated. If you have a bank account, a car, a home, or any other items, then you have assets. Those assets will pass to someone after you die. If you want to be able to control who gets those assets, then you need to have an estate plan. Massachusetts Read More

Business Succession in Washington Post

The Washington Post published a good article about business succession. Does your estate plan include a business succession plan? While no one likes to talk about death, it’s important to have a plan for your business for when the inevitable happens. There are many options, from continuing the business to selling it to shutting it down. But your wishes won’t be followed unless you have a business succession plan in your estate plan. Contact me today at or 617-991-8905 so we can make sure your business is taken care of by your estate plan. Read More

Yellowstone and the Power of Attorney

Spoiler Alert: All Law&Story webpages contain significant discussion of plot points for whatever program or movie they analyze. Power of Attorney in Yellowstone: In Season 2, we learned that Beth put the ranch into a trust and is the trustee as John asked her to do at the end of Season 1. Jamie was not named in that trust at all. Jamie questions Kayce about the trust, but he says he doesn’t know what Jamie is talking about, even though Jamie tells him that his signature is on the trust paperwork. The inference is that Kayce either signed something but